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Thread: Golf 8 pricing

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    Golf 8 pricing

    I have been researching the newly released Golf 8 and was surprised at the disparity between the manufacturer’s list price and what dealers were asking as a drive away price, $37,408.
    Dealers of course are able to charge what they want for a car but I thought that the additional “on road costs” were rather excessive.
    Consequently, I undertook to calculate what the statutory charges would be on an entry level Golf 8 automatic, no premium paint, no accessories.
    The value I used was the list price of $31,950 and the car would be registered in NSW. Naturally, the car would sell for more than this so, real world costs would be somewhat higher.
    Compulsory government charges in NSW for a car are for registration, stamp duty and compulsory third party insurance, (CTPI.)
    Combined registration and stamp duty for the described vehicle is $1319.
    The CTPI is $437. (Interestingly, even when changing driver profile data such as age, annual distance covered, driving history etc. the amount is the same.)
    These charges total $1756, bringing the basic cost of the car to $33,706. The Carsales website provides a breakdown of compulsory government charges but it’s worth noting that the amounts quoted are for a car being registered in Western Australia where it is around $600 dearer than for NSW. Presumably, the dealer would refer prospective buyers to the Carsales figures, register the car if sold and trouser the difference.
    This is $3,702 short of the drive away price. I haven’t included the dealer delivery costs as these are an unknown variable.
    If VWA have set a recommended retail price, I’d assume that this amount would include a profit component for the dealer. Should this prove to be the case, aren’t the dealers trying to clip the ticket a bit too enthusiastically?
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