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Thread: Problems with my Reverse Camera

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    Quote Originally Posted by stefmatheos View Post
    Hey thanks for the help but what is the rns and rcv where can I find these?
    Sorry for acronyms
    RNS is the head unit ie RNS510
    RVC is rear view camera, the plug for this is on the back of the head unit

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    Hi all, I've been trying to solve my RVC issues for 2 weeks now - No video when in reverse, just black screen. I've read hundred of threads and gone over my install many times. Can someone please help?

    I have a 2013 GTI mk6 US model. I have the VW logo flip camera and the RNS315 nav.

    My kit

    Install details
    Blue reverse trigger tapped to into the 3rd slot on the right tail light connector.
    Red camera power tapped to 12V constant in driver side fuse box.
    Black camera ground tapped to ground from 12v socket near gear shifter
    RGB interface "+" tapped to 12V socket ACC near gear shifter and "-" tapped to ground just as above.

    Paid someone to enable Rear View Camera via VAG-COM
    When in R the camera comes out, the RNS screen goes to black with the message to look! safe to move? but no video. Back in P the camera goes in and screen returns to normal.

    Things I've done to test.

    I've gone over all my connections and they are secure.
    I had shop switch back to no camera installed and then once again to RVC installed via vagcom
    I've reset the RNS315
    I've tested the RVC by bypassing the RGB box and plugging the yellow RCA into a computer monitor. The camera turns on when in R and the image was displayed on the computer monitor. YES!
    I then used a sony camcorder to feed video to the RGB box that's plugged to the RNS315, I didn't get any display other then the black screen when in R. Bad!
    I've replaced the RGB box and harness for a new one.

    I'm out of options! Not sure if the kits not compatible but seller has assured me it is or coding is wrong. I don't want to send it back well I don't want to remove it really. LOL Please help!

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    This last above me is where I'm at also. Any update as to what the issue was MK6Meguel.

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    Mine also doesnt work. Pulled out the camera to find the wires have snapped off right at the plastic so cannot re-attach... Sad

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