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  1. Bendix Welcome and Intro thread
  3. BENDIX SRT Review
  4. Where to buy Bendix Brake Pads in Australia?
  5. What to do with brakes at a Race Day
  6. GCT Pads- Stealth Technology
  7. Bendix: Measuring a Brake Pad
  8. Basil Stratos: Bendix Account manager and Race Car Driver
  9. Bendix: Titanium Striped Brake Pads
  10. Bendix Ultimate Disc Brake Pads
  11. Bendix Heavy Duty Brake Pads
  12. Bendix High Performance Dot 3 and Dot 4 Brake Fluid
  13. Noisy Brake pads
  14. Bendix Chrismas Specials at autObarn
  15. Bendix: How to fit Brake pads
  16. Bendix Synthetic Lubricant
  17. Bendix Ipad giveaway
  18. Servicing Drum Brakes
  19. Bendix Technologies
  20. Brake pad replacement on ABS, TCS and ESC systems
  21. How to bed in brake pads
  22. Burson Water Filter Chiller giveaway
  23. Bendix Mechanicmate PS3 Competition
  24. ATAP Bendix Parts Cleaner and Degreaser giveaway!
  25. What Brake Pads for Active Cruise Control?
  26. Tips on bleeding your brakes
  27. Bendix Stealth Test Video
  28. Bendix new release.
  29. Bendix Pads for Active Cruise Control
  30. Bendix race brake pads
  31. Bendix Pump Spray Giveaway!
  32. MOTO IQ article - Modeling Braking: Braking Harder Means Less Brake Fade
  33. Trail Braking.
  34. Bendix brake shoes
  35. New manufacturing press sees Bendix backing Aussie manufacturing
  36. Classic Celica Day
  37. Bendix Tech Tips: Brake Problems - Spongy pedal
  38. For every driving style Bendix has the right brake pad
  39. NEW Bendix Euro+ The Complete European Brake Pad Kit
  40. Where to buy Bendix Brake Pads in Australia?
  41. New car sales up 8% in March 2015
  42. VIDEO: Euro+ Brake Pads from Bendix, Install on a VW MK5 Golf GTI
  43. For every driving style Bendix has the right brake pad
  44. VW Mk5 Golf GTI – Euro+ Brake Pad Kit Follow Up Review
  45. Bendix Brake Pad App Wins Gold for Innovation!
  46. Photograph and identify any Brake Pad with your Mobile Phone
  47. New car sales up 1.2% in April 2015
  48. Bendix Brake Pad Edge Branding
  49. Light commercial vehicles dominate top five in May
  50. AAAA Delivers Results of ESC Testing Program to Regulators
  51. NEW Bendix Catalogue App
  52. How to use the NEW Bendix Catalogue App
  53. The growth of SUVs continues in another record month
  54. VIDEO: How To Test Your Brake Fluid Correctly
  55. VIDEO: Learn how to change your brake fluid with Bendix
  56. Bendix Celebrates 60 Years of Innovation
  57. Small SUV sales boom in August 2015
  58. SUV demand continues to drive market in September 2015
  59. New car sales up 3.4 percent in October
  60. VIDEO: Euro+ The Complete European Brake Pad Kit
  61. The Importance of Cleaning Brake Components
  62. New Car Sales Top 1 Million in November
  63. Newsbrake December 2015 – The Bendix Wrap Up
  64. Bendix wishes you a safe and happy New Year!
  65. Bendix Joins in the Fun at EOYF
  66. New Car Sales Reach Record Heights in 2015
  67. VIDEO: January EOMM 2016 - Cars of Bendix
  68. Strong start for new car sales in 2016
  69. Cars of Bendix – January EOMM
  70. Cars of Bendix – February EOMM
  71. New car sales up 6.7 per cent in February
  72. Brake Pad Upgrade with Harrop Engineering
  73. VIDEO: Cars of Bendix at March End of Month Meet
  74. Cars of Bendix – March EOMM
  75. New Vehicle Sales Steady in March 2016
  76. Cars of Bendix – April EOMM
  77. Market up 7.2 per cent in a record April
  78. Bendix Brake Wear Indicator – So Simple and Effective
  79. Choose the right Brake Pad for your VW Golf Mk5 GTI with Bendix
  80. VIDEO: Cars of Bendix at May End of Month Meet
  81. Cars of Bendix – May EOMM
  82. Industry Sales Growth continues in May
  83. An insight into Brake Fluid
  84. Cars of Bendix - June EOMM
  85. Counterfeit Parts: What’s The Real Story?
  86. The AAAA Shares The Truth About New Car Servicing
  87. VIDEO: Cars of Bendix at July End of Month Meet
  88. Bendix Brakes Stockists
  89. Cars of Bendix – July EOMM
  90. Vehicle Sales on Target for a Record Year in 2016
  91. WIN a 32” Kogan LED DVD Player Combo courtesy of Bendix
  92. Cars of Bendix - August EOMM
  93. Signs of Brake Pad Wear and Uneven Pad Wear
  94. SUVs and Light Commercials Lead Continued Market Growth
  95. Bendix Test Pilot Program - Heavy Duty Brake Pads and Brake Shoes
  96. VIDEO: Cars of Bendix at September End of Month Meet
  97. Cars of Bendix - September EOMM
  98. Bendix Test Pilot Program - VW Golf MK5 GTI Euro+ Brake Pads
  99. Car Sales Growth Fuelled By SUVs and Light Commercials
  100. How to preserve the life of your brake pads
  101. Product Bulletin: Volkswagen Tiguan 2009-2015 Brake System
  102. Brake Shudder Explained and How To Fix It
  103. Cars of Bendix - October EOMM
  104. VIDEO: Cars of Bendix at November 2016 End of Month Meet
  105. How to tell if your drum brakes need changing?
  106. Brake Inspection Checklist for the Holidays
  107. Record Sales Year for 2016 Flags Dramatic Shift in Buyer Preferences
  108. VIDEO: Cars of Bendix at January 2017 End of Month Meet
  109. Cars of Bendix - January 2017 EOMM
  110. Introduction to Bendix Brake Pad Range
  111. Bendix Brake Pad Compounds Part One: N.A.O.
  112. Ford Mondeo XR5 Turbo: The Surprising All-Rounder.
  113. Cars of Bendix - February 2017 EOMM
  114. Bendix Brake Pad Compounds Part Two: Low Metallic
  115. Bendix Heavy Duty
  116. Bendix Brake Pad Compounds Part Three: Semi-metallic
  117. Brake Inspection Checklist for the Holidays
  118. Bendix Test Pilot Program – Suzuki SX4 and General CT Brake Pad Install
  119. Introducing the Bendix General CT
  120. Bendix VS OEM: Are OEM brake pads…better?
  121. Cars of Bendix – March 2017 EOMM
  122. Cars of Bendix – April 2017 EOMM
  123. Toyota 86 – The Classic Japanese Sports Car, Updated
  124. Bendix Ultimate – Performance Brake Pads for the Enthusiasts.
  125. Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 8 MR – Rally Bred Road Rocket
  126. Bendix Street Road Track – For Serious Performance Cars and Drivers
  127. Nissan 200SX S15 – RWD Turbo Power
  128. Causes of Uneven Brake Pad Wear
  129. Subaru Impreza WRX – The Daily Rally Car
  130. Mini Cooper S – Return of the Giant Slayer
  131. Bendix Euro+
  132. Cars of Bendix - July 2017 EOMM
  133. Importance of Brake Lubrication
  134. Cars of Bendix - September 2017 All Holden Day
  135. Ford Focus ST - The Fiesty One
  136. Cars of Bendix – September 2017 ClubITR Meet
  137. Mazda MX-5: Small Car, Big Fun
  138. Cars of Bendix - October 2017 ToyotaFest 14 Meet
  139. Toyota LandCruiser Prado: Tough Enough
  140. Measuring a Brake Pad
  141. Brake Pad Accessories: What do they do?
  142. Cars of Bendix - November 2017 Roll Drags
  143. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Bendix
  144. Cars of Bendix - November 2017 Roll Drags Pt.2
  145. Bendix Euro Plus: An In Depth Look
  146. December ‘17 Cars of Bendix - Hot Import Nights
  147. Rear Brake Pads on Vehicles with Stability Control
  148. Bendix & DBA - Ask me Anything Podcast
  149. Cars of Bendix - Meet & Eat March ‘18
  150. Cars of Bendix – Meet & Eat April ‘18
  151. The Bendix General CT – Quiet and Clean Performance.
  152. Brake Wear Sensors In-Depth
  153. Cars of Bendix: May ‘18’s Meet and Eat! (Video Inside)
  154. Cars of Bendix - Meet & Eat May ‘18
  155. Find My Brakes HSV Edition – “I Just Want One”
  156. 5 Questions to Determine Brake Pad Needs
  157. Cars of Bendix – Wise Guys’ Cars on the Avenue
  158. Brake Noise In-Depth – Causes and Prevention!
  159. Cars of Bendix – Meet & Eat July ‘18
  160. Subaru Impreza WRX – The Quintessential Rally Rocket for the Road
  161. Cars of Bendix – Cars under the Stars Aug ‘18
  162. Bendix R&D
  163. Bendix Behind the Scenes – Educational Material
  164. Identify the sound of the broken car part and win $5k
  165. Cars of Bendix Video – Toyota Fest 2018
  166. So, you thought you knew everything about Brake Pads?
  167. Cars of Bendix November 2018
  168. Mazda CX-5
  169. The new Bendix Brake Cleaner Spray Bottle
  170. Cars of Bendix - November 2018 Datsun Day
  171. Cars of Bendix December 2018
  172. Brake Noise In-Depth – Causes and Prevention!
  173. Brake Question: Causes of low stopping power after brake rotors were machined
  174. Bendix spotlight - James' 2JZ Celica Supra
  175. What can be done to eliminate steering vibration under braking?
  176. Nissan X-Trail the original SUV crossover
  177. Mechanical FAQ Brake pad Smoke and Odour
  178. New Bendix Website Provides Wealth of Brake Information
  180. Uneven wear on new brake pads
  181. Cars of Bendix: All Japan Day 2019
  182. Question: We fitted new brake pads and they squeal. Why?
  183. Chaz Mostert makes his mark at the Melbourne 400
  184. Bendix increases its range of Brake wear sensors
  185. Question: Two sets of same pads to identical cars. One owner is not happy. Why?
  186. Tyrepower Tasmania SuperSprint wrap up for Chaz and the SCA Tickford Mustang
  187. Mitsubishi Triton, the humble Japanese work ute that has taken on the world
  188. WD-40 Phillip Island SuperSprint wrap up for Chaz and the Tickford Mustang
  189. Cars of Bendix episode 118– Team Wild Speed X StreetFam
  190. Cars of Bendix – March/April 2019
  191. Chaz Mostert wages war in the west
  192. Changes to Brembo Caliper brake pads from Bendix
  193. Cars of Bendix - UNITED Festival 2019
  194. Cars of Bendix May 2019 - UNITED Festival
  195. Ups and downs at the Winton SuperSprint for Chaz Mostert in the 55 Tickford Mustang
  196. Find my Brake Mazda3
  197. New 3D Brake System Guide
  198. Cars of Bendix at Rolling 30 classic car event
  199. Darwin Triple Crown wrap up for Chaz and the Tickford Mustang
  200. Cars of Bendix June- Rolling 30
  201. Bendix Find my brake- The Ford Ranger, a monster of a mid-sized ute
  202. Mostert back on the podium in Townsville
  203. Cars of Bendix Rev Drift Sessions
  204. Animation of how a brake caliper assembly works
  205. Mostert on a high in Queensland
  206. Cars of Bendix Rev Drift Sessions
  207. Mega Mechanic Competition
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  210. Tickford Racing takes charge at Tailem Bend
  211. Top DIY brake repair tips
  212. Mostert rides the NZ Roller Coaster
  213. Cars under the stars
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  215. Bendix Introduce Performance Disc Rotor Range
  216. News Release- Bendix Performance rotor Program
  217. Lightning strikes twice for Mostert
  218. Mostert storms back at Sandown 500
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  220. Mostert rounds out the 2019 season
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  225. Which Brake Pad works best with Performance Disc Rotors
  226. Festival of Japanese and European Cars