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24-02-2016, 07:02 PM


looking to get this done within thew next 2 weeks items can be posted at buyers expense and will work out costs when more concrete plans in place minimum of 5 people to go ahead

These very latest “series 4” unique patented design K-MAC front replacement top strut mounts (Camber and Caster adjustable) to suit all Golf MK5 and 6 provide the biggest adjustment range – and are also the easiest to change settings of any brand.
K-MAC has the experience of manufacturing adjuster kits longer than any other manufactures. It shows with below checklist:
1. Manufactured not from soft billet alloy but very highest 7075 grade aluminium
2. Self align spherical bearings (self lubed – PTFE lined) are massive – twice the size of the industry standard
3. Feature separate H/Duty radial thrust bearings for steering loads resulting in lighter steering, no spring grab/noise
We are currently advertising these kits at a promotional price of $480 which is $65 below the retail.
To further improve on this price would need an order of 5 kits. Price then $420. Which is a saving of $125 over retail.

1. jamie molyneux
2. Eric Hung