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Thread: First & Last - Open VWgolf member interviews

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    Apr 2015
    MKV Golf GTI
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    S13 Silvia

    Last food you ate: scrambled eggs
    Last country you visited: Europe
    First CD you bought: Indestructable by Disturbed
    Last bit of good advice you got: Get your priorities straight
    Last car-related purchase: My Golf GTI
    Last person you shared a room with: girlfriend
    Last book you read: dont really read
    Last thing you lost: pair of socks
    First bone you broke: havnt yet (touch wood)
    Last movie you watched: independance day
    Last web site you visited: youtube
    First job: party host at a bowling centre
    Last argument: with my mate, what exhaust tip would you get
    Last major purchase: MK5 golf gti
    First childhood memory: first day of school
    First love: Lexie
    First thing you do in the morning: shower
    Last thing you broke: my last cars passenger seat

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    MK5 Golf 130 TDI

    Last food you ate: Home made museli bar coated extra thickly in dark choclate and a cup of tea
    Last country you visited: Vietnam ( 2014)
    First CD you bought: Toni Childs
    Last bit of good advice you got: Persistence beats resistance
    Last car-related purchase: all weather mats and a tray liner
    Last person you shared a room with: My husband
    Last book you read: Marie Kondo - how to de clutter
    Last thing you lost: [B]temper at my kids for stirring each other up [/B]
    First bone you broke: a bone in my foot while trying to Ripstick
    Last movie you watched: Jurassic world
    Last web site you visited: iinet
    First job: Kebab shop
    Last argument: it was over a letter box
    Last major purchase: GOLFT GTI
    First childhood memory: Christmas at Grandmas
    First love: Milo my cat
    First thing you do in the morning: ask my husband to make me a coffee
    Last thing you broke: i stood on my sons lego creation

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    Aug 2015
    MKV Golf TDI

    Last food you ate: Spicy Beef Jerky from Geronimo( burning my arsehole as I type).
    Last country you visited: New Zealand
    First CD you bought: Bit of Alex K( Bounce music genre)
    Last bit of good advice you got: Stop stressing and be hektic keint.
    Last car-related purchase: Dump pipe and a tune for 3 MPS
    Last person you shared a room with: No one
    Last book you read: 5/3/1 by weindler
    Last thing you lost: Money
    First bone you broke: Nothing till now( fingers crossed)
    Last movie you watched: Freddy got fingered
    Last web site you visited: Youtube
    First job: hungry Jacks
    Last argument: Hmmm
    Last major purchase: MKV Golf TDI
    First childhood memory: eating dirt in the backyard
    First love: One of the teachers
    First thing you do in the morning: Eat muesli
    Last thing you broke: A Mazda 3 MPS. I believe I totalled it. Still getting assessed by the insurance mobs. ;(

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    Nov 2015
    2nd Car

    Last food you ate: rice
    Last country you visited: Saudi Arabia
    First CD you bought: Sega Games
    Last bit of good advice you got: Don't put your assignment on tomorrow
    Last car-related purchase: Cultus
    Last person you shared a room with: My class fellow
    Last book you read: Computer
    Last thing you lost: Academy
    First bone you broke: never
    Last movie you watched: Rowdy Rathore
    Last web site you visited:
    First job: Teaching
    Last argument: Students should work hard
    Last major purchase: My Laptop
    First childhood memory: My Eid celebration
    First love: its secret
    First thing you do in the morning: Piss
    Last thing you broke: Rear mirror of my car

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