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Thread: A Rough Guide to the MK2 Golf GTI

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    Quote Originally Posted by ausiegolf View Post
    Thank you Mr Scruff i have just read all you mk2 info after i posted a question about buying one myself.
    Is around 5000 a reasonable price for a 1990 GTI with 19400ks and in excellent condition by photos worth checking out
    look forward to some advice and guidance.
    thanks Ausiegolf
    Have you got any photo's of it. Overall sounds good. KM's is about right for a 21 year old & at $5000 with rego & rwc you can't really go wrong.

    Quote Originally Posted by Nathan_b View Post
    really enjoyed reading - thanks for sharing
    Now worries

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    I have a Mark 2 with a Mark 3 2.0 16 valve motor and its pretty sweet. Wonder if anyone knew of anyone of was selling a grille just for single lights with the badge and the red outline?

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