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Thread: MK 2 8v GTI for sale

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    MK 2 8v GTI for sale

    Greetings VW people; its with great regret I'm offering for sale my 1990 MK 2 GTI - Qld rego no. is GTI 01
    This is my first post here , it seemed the decent thing to do to offer car to VW folks
    first before the open market.
    I believe this MK2 was one of the 250 imported in the early 90s bought new for circa $ 20k from cottage cars in
    Brisbane by my sister. I purchased the car from her 10 years ago , it has only ever been driven by the two of us.
    Has done 249 k klms and been garaged 90% of that time.
    As far as work done it it bog standard except for modest stereo fitted.
    Recent repairs : cyl head reconditioned at 200k : new radiator fitted and lots of hoses etc replaced at same time.
    Original clutch replaced with Sachs full kit at 220k new cable and all seals at same time.
    Struts replaced with standard Bilstein replacements at 180k standard springs refitted
    Front calipers replaced at 240k ( mk3 cals fitted as recommended/ supplied by Camden GTI)
    Work needing doing; Needs front park light build replaced.
    Needs rear outer door operating levers replaced ( ordered from Camden GTI : waiting for delivery…)
    Aircon needs regas for summer.
    Has just had new windscreen fitted due to kamikaze bat 2 weeks ago.
    dashboard is cracked but functional.
    Wheelnut covers on steel wheels are missing (all 4 gone-stolen many years ago, sadly)
    bodywork/paint has a few minor cosmetic flaws but is rust free as far as i know.
    Seat belt covers on female part of belt missing in rear- may be a roadworthy issue.
    Thats about all i can think of at this time of day..
    I would rather keep this car forever but for security/ work reasons I need a vehicle with a boot disconnected
    from cabin not a hatch/wagon style of car.
    I have been mk 2 fan since seeing Kenneth Ericsson flog 4wd cars in the world rally championship in the 80s;
    Based on the buying guide in FAQ's here I'm asking $4800. no doubt I will be beaten down a little … Have already refused $1000 for rego number by itself. Thanks for reading and if anyone is interested please email me at :
    [email protected]
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