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Thread: [DETAILING] Porsche Carrera RS 993 Concours Detail & Correction

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    [DETAILING] Porsche Carrera RS 993 Concours Detail & Correction

    This very rare and stunning Porsche Carrera RS (993) was brought to Car Care Products in Five Dock for a full correction, leather rejuvenation and concours detail. There aren't to many of these running around especially in this condition and

    Our standard full paint decontamination process was used; an APC wash to remove any product residue, grease & grime from the paintwork. The famous Gyeon Iron to remove any iron fallout & particles that may already be found including wheels inside & out, gently clayed with a fine grade high quality Japanese clay bar which will remove any left contaminants and residue on the paints surface.

    Inside wheel, all jambs including boot, and bonnet were cleaned with the Mint Detailing Brushes and 1Z W99 APC. Arches scrubbed and cleaned with W99 1Z APC Cleaner and engine bay cleaned also.

    We used a combination of Polishing Machines such as the RUPES LHR15 for most of the accessible areas, the LHR75 for the tighter more intricate spots and also the DAS6 Pro. The rear wing and badged were also removed to ensure all areas were corrected (including underside of wing). Polishes used were Menzerna FG500, PF2500 and SF4000.

    The interior leather was cleaned and rejuvenated with Leatherique Leather Rejuvenator; this was applied by hand and left to soak through 2 days to bring all the dirt, grime, colour dye and other contaminants out of the leather to the surface. This also helps the leather return with back with its natural matte finish whilst leaving it soft and supple. Excess oil and dirt cleaned with Leatherique Prestine Clean and Dodo Juice Supernatural Cleaner. Dressed and conditioned with Duragloss Leather Conditioner and finally protected with Nanolex Leather & Textile Sealant.

    The exterior glass also was polished with 1Z Einszett Glass Polish to remove any contaminants or water spotting that was visible.

    Porsche RS Wheels were protected and sealed with Gyeon Rim Protection, which unlike many products on the market is formulated to have a higher heat and chemical resistance for true long lasting protection which has not only added gloss but will allow easier maintenance in the future. Calipers were also sealed with 2 coats whilst wheels were being IR Cured.

    Finally the paintwork was finished with Dodo Juice Purple Haze Wax and Dodo Juice Supernatural Wax.

    Any questions or comments welcome.

    Thanks for looking!

    50/50 Shots

    Leatherique Rejuvenating Oil being used to rejuvenate and remove all the dirt and contaminants inside the leather. This will also bring the leather back to a soft and supple matte finish as it originally used to be. Applied by hand and left for 2 days before we used Leatherique Prestine Clean & Dodo Juice Supernatural Leather Cleaner to remove the lifted dirt and contaminants.

    Dodo Juice Purple Haze first layer applied by hand, followed with Dodo Juice Supernatural Wax for second layer few hours later;- always allow your wax to fully cure for minimum 45m to ensure all oils have come to the surface and evaporated or you may end up with a hazy car!

    Gyeon Rim Coating
    applied to all wheels;- wheels were carefully removed by hand and cleaned thoroughly inside and out. Gyeon Surface Prep was used prior to application. This will provide a long term high temperate and chemical resistance coating to the 3 piece RS wheels.

    Moving onto the finished results;

    Engine bay cleaned and dressed with 1Z Einszett Vinyl & Rubber Care

    Cheers for looking!

    If you're after any Paint Protection, Matte Paint Protection, Paint Correction or any form of Detailing including Concours Detailing, please do not hesitate to contact us as we can offer these services in almost every major City, and if not recommend you a reputable Professional Detailer in your area.
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    A rare beast indeed! Great outcome - but to even see a 993 RS in AUS is unique in itself!
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