I'm almost back on the road and then.......

Just replaced the heater matrix and hoses.
Removed the immobilizer and several after market electrical items due to their bad installation and vast amount of electrical tape used!!!!

Located a black connector behind the stereo. Three pin but with no obvious recipient. Saw the opposite gender connection on the back of the heater control panel.
Plugged it in and perfect fit.

Also connected the square fan speed control wiring connector and 2 wire illumination plug.

Switched on and now have no blower on any setting.
Dash illumination lights not working.

Fuses all seem OK.

So what have I done and how bad is it?


Blower motor thermal fuse????


Bulbs / Globes blown?

What else is on this circuit?

Car radio fuse (22) did blow at the time, but having been replaced, the stereo now works again.

About to strip it all out again and run a voltage meter to see if power getting anywhere but any (polite) advice will be greatly appreciated.