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Thread: Renault Megane R.s. Trophy-R Gyeon Paint Protection

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    Renault Megane R.s. Trophy-R Gyeon Paint Protection

    Definitely one of the Hot Hatches that you have to keep an eye out for! And with the popping wheels and decals it's hard to miss this little monster!

    ✔ GYEON quartz MOHS Durabead Ceramic Paint Protection was applied to the Renault Megane R.S. 275 Trophy-R and cured with IR (Infrared Lights), this allows the coating to fully harden, cure correctly and leave the highest gloss and durability to the Paintwork. Gyeon MOHS was then applied (2nd coat) to intensify the hydrophobicity of the coating which will help avoid contaminants and water staining. Q2 DURABEAD was then also IR Cured - the longest lasting BEADING Paint Ceramic Coating on the market!

    The Process;

    ✔ Full Decontamination Process (deironising, clay barring and apc wash)

    ✔ Minor correction with DA-L21 and RUPES 12E Duetto to bring out maximum pop, gloss and depth from the metallic paint

    ✔ Interior Protected with Gyeon and Nanolex Leather & Textile Sealants.

    ✔ Glass Sealed with Gyeon View Glass Sealant - Gyeon View offers 12+ months of water, dirt and contaminant repellency.

    ✔ Wheels and Calipers were protected and sealed with Gyeon Rim, which will offer a high temperature and chemical resistance for long lasting protection, and of course will result in easier ongoing maintenance and cleaning on these gorgeous red wheels.

    ✔ Gyeon MOHS DURABEAD applied to offer 9H+ Protection, gloss, depth, clarity and most importantly easier maintenance to retain that better than new look for years to come!

    ✔ A Gyeon Accredited Detailer can offer Gyeon Quartz Australia Paint Protection, Interior Protection, paint protection and other detailing services you need.

    GYEON quartz Paint Protection is now available in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth!

    Thanks for looking!

    (Gyeon Iron being used to remove all brake dust and carbon/raildust fallout -


    Wheels coated and protected!

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