I bought my first car, a 1991 gti, about a year ago. When I bought it, the gears were a bit mushy, second and fourth gears were tricky, but after having the bushings adjusted (my mechanic called it synchronizers... same thing??) a few times it had been all good. My mechanic moved a while ago, so I haven't had it adjusted in several months and now it has been getting worse, no surprise. First gear is now the biggest problem- it's hard to find, but usually if I could take the time and find it once I was able to sort everything out for the rest of the drive. However, I drove up to school this weekend and first gear was virtually non-existent. I knew it was getting bad, but now I dread stopping out of fear I can't find first again. First and reverse seem to be in the same place and all the other gears seem to be shifting further out of place. Will adjusting the bushings be enough to hold me over for a while? And for the long-term, would replacing the gearbox fix it? Or do I need a new or to rebuild my transmission? While I'm at it, what gearboxes and transmissions are interchageable with mine?

I appreciate any and all help! Thanks!