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Thread: [DETAILING] Wolfsburg Edition Golf R Wagon

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    [DETAILING] Wolfsburg Edition Golf R Wagon

    ➡ Volkswagen Golf R Wagon Wolfburg Edition ⬅
    ➡ Minor Paint Correction & Protection with Duragloss Polymer Sealant.

    Process included;

    ✓ APC Snow Foam Pre-Rinse to loosen any dirt, debris and grime from the paintwork
    ✓ Two Bucket Wash with APC to remove any remains of dirt/debris
    ✓ Full Claying and Deironising of the paintwork to remove any iron fallouts and paint contaminants
    ✓ Wheels cleaned with Gyeon Iron to remove all brake dust fallout, dirt, and other road grime (inside & out)
    ✓ Blow dried with the Metro Vac Master Blaster 8HP car dryer
    ✓ Paint corrected with Menzerna PF2400 and SF3500 (2 stages to remove light marring and imperfections found on paint from dealership. Machines used were Mint L15 and DAS6 Pro due to the contoured panels and intricate areas.
    ✔✔ Duragloss 601+105 and 111 was applied to this Wolfburg Edition Golf R Wagon which as you can see left it with an incredibly wet finish but also close to a years worth of protection.

    ✔ Book your car in now with CCP in Perth, Sydney, Brisbane or Melbourne for any type of Detailing, Paint Correction and Paint Protection.

    ✓ Duragloss Paint Pack; - 2 step super easy application to leave your car with close to 12 months protection with an insanely wet slick finish! You can also top up with a Dodo Juice Wax for further depth and wetness!

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    This is awesome! I put a query on your Facebook page for pricing for my new wagon. Looking forward to your reply.

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