If you're as fastidious as all of us at CCP, you know HOW frustrating water droplets (and rivers) coming out from your door handles, mirrors and other crevices are just after washing & drying your car!

So whether you're just blowing out the water from the lug holes and drying your wheels/tyres, right across to the entire car we have 3 Metrovac Blowers that will suit everyone's needs. All which use filtered air and are double or if not stronger than your 'well powered' leaf blower (which are not filtered! which can cause marring and stone chips!!)

Best of all, this will help again to eliminate any chances of marring the paint during the 'drying process'.

------ Metrovac Sidekick 1.3 HP Handheld Blower ------

The Metrovac SideKick Blower SK1 (handheld) 1.3 HP has enough punch to either dry your Motorbike, Jetski or even Car (a little slower on the car of course), although combined with a good microfibre drying towel you can halve the time in drying your car and blow away any water in your lug-holes, fog lights, mirrors or even drying your wheels to avoid water spotting.

To see the full specifications of this little bad boy click on this link here for the Sidekick SK1 Blower.

------ Metrovac Vac 'n' Blo 4 HP Vacuum & Blower ------

Next is the MetroVac Vac ' n ' Blo - with a 4 HP motor that allows you both to blow and also vacuum this is a very versatile machine to keep in the garage. The 4 HP of air

The Metrovac Vac N Blo System is the ultimate detailerís tool! A commercial grade air blower and vacuum all-in-one, which will dry the outside of your car and vacuum the inside easily.

The Vac N Blo System will help you eliminate chances of marring, scratching, streaking and water-spotting when drying your cars paintwork. This can be safely used on paint, gel-coat, metals, rims, chrome, plastics, glass and many other surfaces to safely blow away water and dust

To learn more about the Vac N Blo including specifications be sure to click here.

------ Metrovac Master Blaster 8 HP Blower ------

The biggest and baddest of the 3 is the Master Blaster 8 HP! This bad boy will dry a car with ease and any your garage at the same time!

Along with a wall mounting kit, swivel wheels and a 3 meter hose, the Master Blaster Car Dryer will easily get around your car offering you a completely 'touch-free' drying solution. The only words that can describe this blower is 'jeebus!'. So if you have been looking for something to quickly dry your car, 4WD, campervan, boat or even truck than the Master Blaster 8 HP is the one!

For the full specifications of the MB 8HP head over here on our website.

All blowers are 240v and suit domestic electrical sockets and contain filters to blow out lightly warmed air to dry your car safely and effectively.

TIP: If your car is protected (paint protection, wax, sealant) you will find drying your car even with the Sidekick is quite easy. The water literally just sheets and flies straight off the paintwork! Finish with your favourite quick detailer such as Dodo Juice Red Mist for that final amount of 'bling' and you're done!

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