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Thread: After 5 years, finally got myself into a Golf R MK6!

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    After 5 years, finally got myself into a Golf R MK6!

    Hey All! Recently joined the Golf crew with the acquisition of a 2011 Golf R MK6 DSG with 125,000km on the clock in rising blue in Melbourne!
    Been a long timer lurker (since 2014), as I've personally been eyeing moving to the MK6 Golf R platform for that entire time

    Am no stranger to performance cars however!
    Having previously/currently owned:

    Honda Integra DC2R
    Nissan S15 200rwkw
    Honda S2000 (dedicated track car)
    BMW 135i Stage2+ 300rwkw
    Porsche Cayman 981
    Audi A4 2L T Quattro

    Could say I've fully converted from JDM to Euro in my later years! (Am a pretty old now!)

    The Golf has been an unbelievably amazing car as the new daily driver! The transmission is very smooth putting around and overall has been very impressive! It is currently stock, however will look to get it to Stage 1 (revo vs. apr) at most as I'd like the car to be as reliable as possible!

    It doesn't come without a few niggles/issues however:
    • Front badge seems to be superglued on and I can't fix the 'VW' badge to make it straight
      My OCD kicking in (looks straight in the picture below)
    • Fuel gauge seems broken - doesn't seem to ever go to the full tank '1'
    • Window switches don't work on drivers side and rear passenger side
    • Heater/Cooling fan makes the car smell like old smelly socks and vinegar!
      Have purchased a new cabin filter and the air con cleaner from autoglym to hopefully fix this!
    • Head Unit not displaying tracks or having the ability to change to next track via bluetooth
      May look into a RCD 330 unit however am not so sure as I've read it impacts the sound quality with dynaudio systems.
    • Feels like the turbos don't work well / car doesn't pull with 4 people in the car. Not sure if it's just in my head!

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    I'd be interested to hear about you 135 as I'm tossing up between one of them and an R. N54 or 55, and what mods? Feel free to PM if you want to keep this thread for the R.
    <Insert MK6 R here>
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