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Thread: What gear do we use

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    What gear do we use

    Another question we get asked by other in the industry. We used to keep this part under wraps but hey times change.

    Our stable tool which we've used since commencing editing files on the euros came to us in 2009 and we still use it today for most of the vehicles we come across. It's the Dimsport New Genius Master along with its Trasdata counterpart.
    Fast forward to 2018 and 19, with a move to supporting some other decent brands we've added have some pretty sophisticated gear for flashing, covering the latest Euro offerings and also high speed datalogging.

    Bflash master
    Autotuner Master
    Magic X17 and Flex Master
    oh and an older legacy tool that's just a waste of space LOL a CMD Master

    Then there's the other ones ...............

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