Hey gang, is this place still active? I've got a 2011 Golf R which I've been meaning to put some life into, and get to the track. It's basically stock aside from an APR Tune, Milltek Catback and some lowered springs (unsure on brand, previous owner installed).

I'm putting together a list of parts, wanting to transform the car into something that steers and grips really well.
I will eventually look at power modifications, but for now my primary focus is handling and stopping. I also don't want to go crazy with full track spec parts, as I'm most certainly not at that skill level.

I've done a bit of research, but this is a topic that has always eluded me, so forgive the silly questions and/or ridiculous parts list.

First, wheels and tyres:
I'm leaning towards the Enkei RS05RR with Michelin Pilot Super Sports
For wheel size, I'm thinking 18x8.5 +35 should be possible, or would I be better going for a lower offset at +45?
Tyres, I'd like to fit 235 all around. From what I've read, I'll need to run some camber (see below) and probably roll the guards; no issues doing this.

Suspension and Chassis:
BC BR Coilovers - seems to be a good value option, not wanting to go overboard with KW V2
SuperPro Alloy Control Arms ALK - these seem to be a recommended upgrade over factory
Sway Bars and End Links - recommended brands? SuperPro? Are the end links worth doing? Front and Rear?
TyrolSport DeadSet Rigid Subframe Collar Kit - is this necessary or worth doing?
Anything else? I'm reading chassis braces might not be worth the investment. How about bushes, or is that covered with the new control arms?

This is still primarily a street / daily car, and from what I'm reading, for track days, slotted rotors, pads and fluid should suffice.
Feeling the DBA slotted T2 rotors (are the T3's worth it?) and Resma pads. Anything else recommended?
Are the factory R callipers up to the task of occasional track days? I'd love a TTRS BBK, but I'm not sure whether it's totally necessary.

Am I missing anything? Am I going overboard (I tend to)? Any other recommendations or changes?

Thank you in advance!