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Thread: An OEM single/dual USB port charger kit to suit MK6 golf.

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    An OEM single/dual USB port charger kit to suit MK6 golf.

    Hey All, Just wanted to offer to you fine people the ability to have access to Aussie based stock ready to ship, Dual or Single USB OEM fast charging kits.

    Retain full use of your cubby hole with the ability of toss away cigarette socket USB chargers, close your cubby door to hide away your wallet.

    The dual USB socket kit is compatible with smart phones and other devices that can be charged from a USB socket, the Charger module has Qualcomm's Quick Charge™ 3.0 technology for one of the two ports

    The power module kit will detect the correct voltage needed to charge your device and comes with short circuit protection, thermal cutout as well as provide fast charging technology.

    kits contains 1 USB OEM socket, 1 power module, wiring harness, install instructions. (2 USB sockets if going DUal kit)

    Please note, the USB Port has rounded corners on one side, resulting in small gaps in the middle position. Check out the pictures for more details.

    You can either Jump to my website or DM me here for Paypal options.

    Yes there are other brands out there selling them but are American based, so after you currency conversion and shipping you save a load buying directly from me.

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