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Thread: Bowdens car products

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    Bowdens car products

    Hello Guys,
    I love my cars and spend a lot of money on products keeping them clean.
    I have use for many years Australian Bowdens products.
    For Drying I have been using their "Big Green Sucker" cloths

    I recently discovered something very disturbing.

    When the cloth is completely dry if you shake it vigorously over any dark or black surface (e.g. bonet of a car) the cloth will shower down a lot of what appears to be very fine yellowish grit. I vacuumed the cloths with a Clean Dysan vacuum cleaner and the yellowish grit collected in the cleaner., a lot of it.
    If you get enough of this stuff and rub between your fingers it is clearly abrasive, very strange.

    I contacted a friend of mine who I recommended the green cloth too, and he did the same shake test and found the same thing.

    All of my Bowdens green clothes do this but not, curiously, one I have from a different brand.

    I have written to Bowden's with photos etc in a very informal way looking for some idea of what this grit is. But sadly (like most Australian companies) unless your actually buying something they ignore you.

    I have done a little further investigation of my own and it looks like these cloths are actually two cloths stitched together along the edge and each cloth has some sort of polyester (or plasticized) backing which is disintegrating even on an almost new cloth.

    Sadly I suggest you try a different brand of drying cloth because if you do my shake test you will be pretty shocked.

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    Appreciate you sharing Chris. Sure it's not dried product of some kind?

    It sounds like something a car care product provider would take pretty seriously though. I'd be surprised if you don't receive a response. I take it you have hit up the contacts at ?
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